2018 saw some very positive changes with all of our recipes being upgraded and improved. Our Ultimate Weight Gain recipe has benefitted from the addition of a Full Joints Package.

Our Puppy recipe was improved and upgraded to our PRESTIGE RANGE which has gone down very well with breeders. Our Lamb and Rice recipe increased it’s Meat content by 50% which made it even tastier, the coats are Fantastic and the stool quality is incredible!! For any dogs suffering with problems relating to their anal glands this recipe is a must as it will naturally bleed them. It’s also a great recipe for large kennels or dogs that have the free run at home as it’s so easy to pick up after them.

Our Salmon and Potato recipe also enjoyed even more improvements to it’s already good stool quality. Our Light recipe was upgraded from white fish to a singular high grade meat source (Chicken) which has massively increased palatability and is also producing much better coat condition. We also changed the shape and density of the kibble so it now helps to remove plaque from your dogs teeth as they eat it. And finally our Turkey and Rice recipe is now even tastier with increased palatability.

But it’s not just our recipes that have enjoyed all of these improvements , our packaging was also upgraded towards the end of last year with our new foil fresh bags. You will also be pleased to hear that unlike many other companies that have been reducing their bag size ours have remained with the traditional 15kg size which we feel offers you the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY.