Total Success with Ultimate Weight Gain

Best in Show Winner – Worthing & District C.S. 15th July 2012

‘Having won Best In Show at Worthing CS with our 15 month old Japanese Chin Sleepyhollow Raphael JW ShCM, we were sent a bag of Salmon & Pototo as the prize’.

Ruby our Pointer, a renowned fussy eater due to a sensitive stomach, took to this immediately, in fact we had to limit her intake! Not withstanding this our Japanese Chins started to enjoy the product too and despite being a larger kibble than they were familiar with enjoyed the challenge of eating the larger biscuit.

I am looking forward to trying the ‘Fat Boy’ product and have ordered a bag along with another consignment of Salmon & Potato. Congratulations on your product & Good Luck’

Tony Allcock MBE, Sleepyhollow