GSD 2000 Rescue & Re-home became a registered charity in January 2000. Operating mainly in the South West, Southern Counties, Midlands and South Wales, our charity is working to help alleviate the suffering and distress of unwanted, abandoned or badly-treated German Shepherd Dogs.

We took in a 7 months old puppy who was one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse we have seen. Kept in a shed with no space for toilet or play and little contact with the outside world, he was finally removed and came to us. Weighing just 14.3 kg, he was severely underdeveloped with poor coat, loose stools and behavioural issues. We tried several feeds with limited weight gain before coming across Ultimate Weight Gain. We thought it worth a try and have never looked back.

Starting on four small regular feeds, the weight gain after five weeks is amazing. He is now 24 kg, on three feeds a day, has great muscle tone, solid stools and in great health. At 10 months he is unrecognisable from the puppy we took in. We believe Fat Boy, along with hydrotherapy, exercise and lots of love and care, has enabled these fantastic results.

This young boy is not ready for re-homing yet as he is still undergoing rehabilitation. However we do have other dogs available on our website.

Tel: 0117-9537124