Ultimate Weight Gain (previously known as FAT BOY) with added Taurine –  Wheat Gluten Free & Hypo-Allergenic
Now With Full Joints Package – (Glucosamine , Chondroitin & MSM)
(Dry complete kibble)

ULTIMATE WEIGHT GAIN is the ONLY recipe that has been specifically designed to help dogs gain weight. Not only that , it really does work!!

Weight loss is a very serious condition that is all to often overlooked and forgotten about . It causes a great deal of upset and pain for both dogs and owners alike.

Dogs just like people are individuals and all have different metabolisms. Sometimes this condition can be linked to their age , Junior is a difficult time for many breeds, nervous energy can play a part, stress is a big factor and can manifest itself in ways you would never imagine possible . Unlike people dogs very rarely show obvious signs. After this you have the midnight snackers , bitches in season and dogs that simply don’t find the food your giving them enjoyable and those who eat everything you put in front of them but still can’t gain weight even though no medical conditions can be found. Increasing the amount you feed simply doesn’t work as you reach the point where it overloads their system and goes straight through them bringing you back to square one !!!

The beauty of ULTIMATE WEIGHT GAIN is that you simply replace it like for like and your dog will gain weight. There is nothing in the recipe preventing it from being used as a maintenance diet or feeding it to your other dogs other than the obvious  fact that you would have to reduce the amount you were feeding to prevent  them from becoming overweight !!

In fact it is probably the most economic recipe (Prestige Recipe) available.

PLEASE NOTE that our 1.8KG Trial Size packs are for owners to make sure their dogs are going to eat the recipe before purchasing the 15KG Bags.
As you have to be feeding this recipe for up to four weeks before you see a difference please understand that as good as this recipe is it does not come with a MAGIC WAND and it is very unlikely that you will notice a difference after feeding just 1.8KG of product.
When dogs lose weight and condition it can take forever to get them back to normal, however provided you follow the feeding guidelines or individual advice given to you by our experts even the really severe cases have reached peak condition after three months.
Please remember that this recipe has been specifically designed to help dogs gain weight and condition. The ratio of Protein /Fat and Carbohydrate has been engineered to optimise this. If you add other ingredients’ to this recipe thinking it will help them to gain weight even quicker it won’t , as the recipe will then become unbalanced and the ratio will change.
For those of you with dogs that have only ever eaten a raw diet and are struggling to get your dog to eat this dry complete kibble then you may have to mix it with meat or tripe or for those with extremely fussy dogs you may have to do the same. You can add hot water and soak it down so it’s easy to mix with the meat or tripe , whatever it takes to get them to eat it. Please be aware that feeding the recipe in this way will require slightly more time to make a difference but don’t worry you will get there.

Pictured: Wolfbass The Barbarian HD2:3 ED0:0, this dog is fed half a bowl of ULTIMATE WEIGHT GAIN once a day to maintain his 50kg body weight.

Weight gain is a problem that effects many breeds large and small.

How many times have we heard the judge say “if only they were carrying more weight”. There is nothing more FRUSTRATING than having a really cracking dog in your kennel but struggle to put weight on them. We have all tried increasing their food intake only to see it pour out the other end!!!

Don’t worry ULTIMATE WEIGHT GAIN has been specifically designed to address this problem. It is highly palatable, which means your dog is going to want to eat it. You only need to feed the same amount & in many cases less and it will produce firm stools.

As the dogs will be carrying more weight Taurine has been added to help promote a healthy heart. We have also included ingredients to help utilise the oxygen in their blood more efficiently which will enable longer periods of exercise.

ULTIMATE WEIGHT GAIN is one of the most Advanced and highly Technical Formula’s on the market and in most cases will produce excellent results within four weeks.