Prestige Puppy – A complete food for working and sporting dogs.
Wheat Gluten Free & Hypo-Allergenic

Our Puppy Recipe is not only excellent for puppies but also adult Toy and Small Breeds . It contains a full joints package to help with the crucial skeletal development of your puppy.  For the Large and Giant Breeds, we recommend that when your puppies reach 6 months of age that you start to mix our Salmon & Potato Recipe 50 / 50 with the Puppy.

The reason for this is that we believe 30% Protein to be to high for Large and Giant breeds and by mixing it with the Salmon and Potato will reduce this to 26.5% Protein which is considered by MANY EXPERIENCED BREEDERS to be the ideal percentage.   The Salmon and Potato is very kind on the digestive system so you would not experience any problems by adding it to their daily meals. It is also rich in oils which is good for their joints and their coats.

Lastly, our Puppy recipe is highly palatable and produces good firm stools.

Since upgrading the Puppy recipe to our Prestige Range the response has been fantastic. Many breeders that have been using our food for a number of years now have all said that whilst the original recipe was very good the New Prestige version is producing even better results not just for the puppies but also their Mothers. Everybody that has come to view their litters have commented on how good they look especially their coats and how chunky and healthy they look. Even their friends and family have noticed the difference.
The new owners that have kept their puppy on the recipe all say what fantastic condition the coat is in and how everybody they meet , whether this is out walking or at training classes keep telling them how great they look. Obviously the breeders are very happy about this as it’s a great advert for their breeding !!
When the Mother has a litter she gives everything to her pups and will lose weight and condition very quickly losing muscle tone and dropping her coat. For those that Show their dogs it can take months after having had the litter before they are ready to go back in the Show ring. This can be really frustrating especially for those who had previously been doing very well. With the new improved recipe breeders have told us that they have kept much better condition post whelp and have been able to get them back in the Show ring much quicker, which is very encouraging to hear.
Please don’t be “penny wise pound foolish” when it comes to your puppies. You only get one chance to get it right so ensure you give them the best start possible.