Please note the recipe is exactly the same , the only thing we have changed is the name. Whilst it was never our intention to make dogs fat unfortunately calling the recipe FAT BOY has led to some confusion and in some sectors it’s been totally misunderstood. FAT BOY is a very serious recipe that address’s a very serious problem which other companies have shied away from , concentrating on recipe’s to help dogs lose weight as opposed to FAT BOY which has been specifically designed to help dogs that struggle to maintain a healthy weight due to numerous reasons. This is a very serious and stressful condition that affects many dogs and incredibly upsetting for the owners which is one of the reasons that led to us developing the FAT BOY formula.

FAT BOY was first brought to the market in May 2011 , until then there was no dry complete kibble available in the UK that had been specifically designed to help the many dogs suffering from this condition. Since then FAT BOY has been able to help literally thousands of dogs to gain and maintain their optimum weight and condition bringing great relief to there owners and continues to do so under the re-branding of “ULTIMATE WEIGHT GAIN“.